Over the past 3 years, I have been producing and directing documentaries. Documentaries are like my reality TV. Most of my work is based around social justice, service and identity.

When I was 14, 2 friends and I entered the C-Span contest and won third place! The documentary was about climate change. Environment is just another strand of social justice. If we don’t do something about it, we won’t have to worry about much!

I re-entered the C-SPAN contest when I was 15, and won a StudentCam Honorable Mention for my documentary: “The Limits of Judicial Discretion

In 2016, I produced this Public Service Announcement for International Day of the Girl.

I talk about identity a lot. I am proud of being the young woman that I am but it hasn’t always been that way. This was a project that I did last year that talks about where it all started and ended for me.

I am one of the founders of Black CAP, which creates safe spaces and encourages minority enrolment into the selective magnet program at my high school. I produced this informational video to spread the word about us to student population.

Though I often work behind the camera, I hosted the following video: “All About Scouts”.

Finally, I am a part of the Student Engagement Group for My Brother’s Keeper. I gave testimony at a City Council hearing regarding the initiatives progress in our county. Its a long video, but I come in around minute 17:00!