The Gayborhood is a section of Center City, Philadelphia, with a vibrant, thriving gay community. These are its people.

Lauren Edited.jpgLauren Roatche
Age 33
“It’s given me everything in the past year.”

Aaron Edited.jpgAaron Nutt
Age 30
“I chose my work space because it was in this particular part of the city.”

Chauntae Edited.jpgChauntaé Bell
Age 17
“We have a lot of LGBT who come in, and it’s great to get to know them because they’re great people.”

Anon Edited.jpgAnonymous
“I don’t think of myself as part of the gay community…so I don’t… I mean I’m gay but–”

Drew edited.jpgDrew Cicatelli
“That’s what it’s all about. Being safe. Together.”

Robert Edited.jpgRobert
How long have you lived around here?
“How long have you been alive?”
17 years.
“Much longer than you’ve been alive.”

Jim Edited.jpgJim MacMillan
“You’ve heard, it’s had some challenges– much like other neighborhoods– around integration, but people don’t stop trying. It’s about peace. And justice. And freedom. And everything that Philadelphia stands for.”

Nick Edited.jpgNick Greiner
Age 40
“I’m doing it because Planned Parenthood in San Francisco saved my fucking life.”

Alix Swann, JCamp Reporter 2017

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