Here is the original link to the post in Novice Magazine through Apple News, since Apple News is not available on the computer!

Meet Trae, also known as A$hy Black Thug.

Trae started rapping when he was 16– at least, that’s when he learned how to structure songs and words on a beat. It’s taken quite a while for him to gain momentum in this business– after all, he just became a “famous rapper” 4.5 months ago, which is approximately 8 years later.img_7409.png

To be a young black artist, a lot of the time, is hard. Of course Trae feels this, but he also puts a positive spin on it.  One of the most important things he said to me was “it feels good to know I’m a part of whatever we decide to create. Obviously, most of pop culture, if not all, comes from young black artists. So to know that I’m at the forefront of whatever shit is bout to sound like, whatever people bout to be wearing, whatever car people gon’ wanna drive… to be a young black rapper, I know I’m gonna be at the forefront of all of that.” Throughout all of the struggle and hardship, our blackness helps us survive in this world, and convey that we’re here to stay.



Even though his main art form is rapping, he occasionally delves into the poetry world. Trae started writing poetry because of a former love interest, who was a DC youth poet. He realized there were things he couldn’t rap about, specifically the situation he was in at the time. The vulnerability in his life shows up in his poetry.

As Trae says, “the hottest new shit is from young black artists.” So check him out on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Don’t forget the $.

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