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Glow End Theory popped up on my twitter timeline one day, alongside countless other promotions for art shows that take place all over the DMV. I assumed that this one would be pretty much the same, but Glow End Theory is a result of observing the concerns and calls to action from friends, peers, and various people within the DC art scene (and beyond) for a platform like this.
XiA XiAnne Freeman— business developer, mentor to Nappy Nappa (one of Novice Magazine’s favorites), and owner of YOUNGWEALTHDC — is a woman of many trades. She’s also the co-creator of Glow End Theory. She guides Glow End Theory with its creative direction, and also works with public relations and production management. XiAnne was able to tell me a little about Glow End Theory, but I know I’ll be missing out until I attend.
Glow End Theory is a community-based event that focuses onIMG_7406 supporting the creativity of women of color, in addition to those who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.
It may sound like a typical DMV art show, but it has much more to offer.
A typical Glow End Theory show at the Black Cat would go a little like this: The resident DJ, Kryptk , is there, playing her own mixes. You’ll see live projection mappings, incredible stage design, and variations of performances between the DJ mixes, which can include dancing, rapping, and singing from a multitude of female artists. You’ll see passion being emulated from these women on stage, in front of an audience that could be 100% new. You’ll see this new audience interacting with the performers in a variety of dialogue, rants, and speeches. Maybe there’s a guest DJ playing a set somewhere in there. Sounds impressive, right?
Don’t think that men aren’t allowed just because the goal is to empower and support women. Glow End Theory is a co-ed environment. Men coimg_7405.jpgme to enjoy the performers, but also to engage in looking at women in a light of respect. Enough attention is not often given to their female counterparts, but, these women are just as much competition, and definitely as equally deserving of respect.
Besides empowering women, one goal of Glow End Theory is to give local artists the chance to perform in a similar capacity and venue as more mainstream artists, while also letting these artists bring what they want to the table. In addition to this, there is an opportunity for their old content to be pushed out, as well as their new content. Combine this vision with a totally awesome dance party, and you have an event that satisfies performers and fans alike.
With all of this pushing behind and into each Glow End Theory show, what should we look forward to next? In the future, you may see live art installations, music videos from the artists playing, and more layers to the live projection mapping. That sounds pretty damn awesome.
Come out to the Black Cat for Glow End Theory 004 on March 30, and be here putting on our black sisters and other women of color. Make sure they know that they are just as much valued in our community. Be surrounded by a village that is pushing to make this a comfortable environment for self-expression. And don’t forget to enjoy the dancing!
Follow @GLOWENDTHEORYDC on Twitter for updates about the next show.

Talent of the Night

Sugg Savage is a rapper hailing from Fort Washington, MD, is up to big things with a new project called “Summer Baby Water Sign” with HYMN. Look out for her “feel good, hip hop, r&b, gospel, cookout blend” at the next Glow End Theory show.
DJ Ducky Dynamo is a Baltimore native, born and raised, who’s entrenched herself in the local music scene for nearly a decade. She takes pride in showcasing the sounds of her city. Her goal is to make the floor an outlet to forget, and for the audience to be in a space made for our healing and power. Expect to hear her interpretation of what a good time at home in Baltimore is: “black and beautiful, ratchet and unrefined, bold and bass heavy.”
DJ Kryptk is the resident DJ for Glow End Theory. She’s excited to bring in a fusion of vogue and southern trap for her second time performing at the series. Be sure to come out and see her set, because no two of her sets sound the same!

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